PME360 blog: A remodeler’s marketing sales machine

The PME360 blog really pulls out all the marketing techniques -- you will enjoy the process as you uncover effective marketing solutions
The PME360 blog really pulls out all the marketing techniques. You will enjoy the process as you uncover effective marketing solutions

Ryan Paul Adams shows his marketing stuff in his PME360 blog. This is one where you can observe virtually every best practice in marketing techniques in action — as he, of course, seeks to attract you as a client for his company’s marketing services.

This is the way it should be. I mean, would you want to purchase marketing services from someone who doesn’t self-market effectively?

My only concern here reflects on my personal bias: Heck, I’m a marketing guru too and smile when I see the proven techniques applied in practice.

Consider, for example, the way he offers three packages with his Lead Engine?service. To his credit, he doesn’t broadcast the pricing — you have to go through some hoops to discover his rates, but, when you get there (I’ll help you a bit with this link), look at Option 2 and Option 3. On the surface, each option is exactly the same, but Option 3 costs $9,000 (“three payments at $3,000”) while Option 2 is priced with the odd number of “three payments at $2,166” (or $6,498). Option 1 goes for $4,500 but has a lot less to offer.

pricing grid
Look at these pricing choices. Why is there an Option 3? The answer: To cause you to pick Option 2 rather than Option 1. This is smart pricing/marketing.

Why this pricing model? Well, there have been studies that if you create a false option — that is one that no one in their right mind would accept — you can drive people to say “yes” to a more costly option than the basic choice, compared to just giving A and B options. Oh, and that odd pricing — again, there are studies that show your conversion rates will be higher when you price in odd rather than rounded numbers.

Ryan Pal Adams
Ryan Paul Adams

So you can see where he is heading when he offers his services. He wants you to buy Option B, and you probably will.

Now, lets take a look at one of his blog postings: Delaying the Sale? Will Actually Help You Attract, Qualify, Prepare, and Close Better Clients At a Premium Price where?he advocates?for an automated, systematic Internet-based?relationship-building process (which, if you read things through, will be the Lead Engine Option?2 described above.)

To grow and scale you have to make it easier on your sales team. You have to! You don’t have a choice. You cannot just use brute force in your market to try and sell everyone you come in contact with. It does not work like that and never will. Improving your sales process actually starts with improving your marketing and overall positioning in your market.

He’s right — and a good marketing system, with all the bells and whistles, certainly is worth every cent of money you will spend on the program.

Remember, of course, if he is using marketing psychology on you, you can be sure you will find the same effectiveness with your clients. This stuff works.

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