One in a million . . . or one in 10: The importance of excellence in construction marketing


bright woman architectLast night, I reconnected with an old friend who can legitimately claim to be the smartest person in Tulsa.  He is more intelligent than 99.9999 per cent of the human population.  In other words, he has a one-in-a-million intelligence, about the population of the Oklahoma city where he lives.  (He belongs to the rarefied super-brainy Omega Society.)

He has had an interesting life, though it is hard to say if he has achieved his ?potential?.  We met in a three-month overland organized African trek from London, England to Nairobi, Kenya.  We shared a tent for three months.  After we arrived in Nairobi, he decided he wanted to visit Uganda, at that time ruled by Idi Amin.   He landed up in one of the dictator?s prisons.  Through a highly unlikely (one in a million) set of circumstances, we reunited briefly on the Kenyan resort of Lamu after his release  and before I continued on a much less risky journey south to Rhodesia.

After we parted company, he continued on a six-year adventure to some of the most obscure parts of the world.  I stuck to ?safer? adventures.  He wrote a book upon his return, published by a mainstream publisher, which he says was ?ignored?.  (I will order a copy from a used bookseller as it seems the aspects we shared take up 10 pages of his volume.)

I can?t claim to have a one in a million intelligence, but I believe you are be one-in-10 excellent at activities or skills you enjoy.  These may be your trade, personal relationships or sporting activities, where you enjoy leadership, reputation and confidence in your excellence.

When you know your strengths, you now have the keys to the greatest and most powerful marketing secret I can share with you.

Define your marketing strategies by your one-in-10 greatness attributes and you will succeed; and may even achieve one-in a-million success.

If you are among the top 10 per cent, you are highly unlikely to fail and, if you do, you should be able to pick yourself up and go at it again.  You?ll want to persue your passions, and you will be determined to push forward even when things aren?t so promising and, because of your natural talent, you?ll probably do better than most of your competitors, even in the most challenging environments.

If you wish, try this test, which you?ll also see in today?s Construction Marketing Ideas newsletter.

Determine one or more areas  of skill, ability or quality where you are a one in 10 ?best? and which you enjoy and write it down.  Then think about how you can incorporate your special advantage in your marketing and business development strategies.  If you wish, email your strength(s), and we can brainstorm.

Your powerful (and potentially one-in-a-million) marketing solution is probably right under your nose, even if you are not in Tulsa.

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