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tempest companyOh, By the Way, the Tempest ?Company’s blog, takes a refreshing perspective on what might seem to be a rather dry topic: Construction estimating and costing. This blog shows how thoughtful estimating and planning — and solid business management — lead to profitability and successful projects.

Consider the safety topic, for example. This may seem to be a “motherhood” issue, but there is far more substance to paying more-than-lip-service to excellent safety practices.

The blog quotes?Ron Prichard, P.E. Ph.D in debunking myths about construction safety, including the faulty supposition that excellent safety practices also result in higher costs.

There are owners out there that realize the advantages of hiring contractors with a proven record of being safe.? They require contractors to be pre approved to bid or have a stipulation in the specifications requiring the contractors to have a certain EMR safety rating.

To take this one step further, utilizing a safe contractor can reduce risks on the project and the potential associated costs of those risks.? For example, the schedule can be severely impacted by items such as a major accident to faulty or inadequate equipment causing lower productivity. The delays in a schedule can have real additional costs for the owner associated with it.

This is a worthy blog for anyone interested in effective estimating and construction business management.

Voting for the 2014 Best Construction Blog competition continues until March 31. You can vote here.

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