Nine Facebook retargeting campaign ideas that will boost your revenue in a flash

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The Last Shot campaign is one of nine options to increase Facebook conversions outlined in this article

I rarely accept guest posts because of concerns about SEO abuse, but broke my rule here for this contribution from Mark?Cirillo?from Leadsbridge, because of its specialized relevance. LeadsBridge offers a resource to connect your email marketing software, CRM and webinars to Facebook lead ads and custom audiences.

If you are looking for a way to increase your revenue with Facebook Advertising fast, continue reading.

I decided to reveal some strategies stolen from the marketing team?s desk at Leadsbridge.

In this article, you will discover which campaigns our specialists are running NOW to shamefully shoot up company?s ROI up to 800 per cent.

If you already use Facebook Ads to promote your products or services, this blog post certainly contains the most important information you will read today for your business growth.

Inline desktop campaign

A retargeting strategy on inline desktop can be effective. Here, the goal is to take your potential customers or website visitors to the next level of your funnel. For example, you can run a retargeting campaign on the news feed that points to those users who read your contents, without seeing the optin page. This strategy is effective, because if people aware about your brand, they are more inclined to leave you their data or buy from you.

Right bar campaign

When running a retargeting campaign, we always use the right bar as a separate panorama. By doing this, you can check results, use specific copy and increase clicks and conversions. Running ads on Facebook right bar is effective for retargeting users who already saw your website without completing your desired action. Also, it is an ideal strategy to convert those who engaged with your previous ads.

Right barAudience network/mobile campaign

If your retargeting campaigns drive to website landing pages, pay attention. Recent surveys revealed that 50 per cent of website visitors do not expect a site to load more in than two seconds or less.

You can maximize the results of your Facebook campaigns by separating the panoramas of Facebook users on mobile devices. Retargeting people on audience network and mobiles works excellently if your website is 100 per cent responsive. Otherwise, you should test tools designed for mobile traffic.

leadsbridge audience network mobileUpgrade offer campaign

Do you have a customer?s base yet? If so, it is very smart to provide them upgrade offers and up sell through Facebook Ads. It is well-known that happy customers are more inclined to buy from you again, especially if they are satisfied with your previous products and services.

upgrade offer leadsbridge

There are many ways to reach your clients base on Facebook. For example, you can download every day a CSV file with your customers? mailing list from your CRM/auto responder. When you upload the file again on Facebook, the advertising platform will identify registered users in the social network while creating a new Custom Audience for your ads. Otherwise, you can use one of the many different softwares present nowadays on the market place that will automatically create ever-fresh Audiences via Facebook. In Leadsbridge for example this feature is called: Custom Audience Sync.

Free account campaign

When you have a valuable product or service, you may want potential customers to try it. By promoting a free account you can prove the effectiveness of your offer and evade the typical purchase concern. The account can be limited in terms of available functions, or expire after a certain time. This is a good way to offer value to customers while reinforcing their trust in your company.

How to use retargeting on Facebook to create a list of free accounts? Here?s a method.

Facebook allows you to create a Custom Audience of people who visited a landing page or sales page, scrolling at least 20 per cent of it. You can create a retargeting campaign for those people who have seen the entire presentation page of a certain product or service, without purchasing. In fact, these people are probably interested in your service, but some extra motivation.

free account leadsbridgeTrial reinforcement campaign

By offering trials, you have a list of people who are close to buy, yet still hesitate. This may be the right moment to reinforce their trial, just before they give up. A trial reinforcement campaign is a retargeting strategy that allows you to extend users? trial period. The process is quite simple: create a Custom Audience of people who are close to the end of their trial. Then, run ads to offer an extended version of your product. ?

trial account leadsbridgeFacebook lead ads campaigns

Facebook Lead Ads is a simple and effective lead generation system developed by Facebook. Thanks to its pre-compiled contact forms, people can subscribe to your lists in just two clicks without even leaving the social network.

When people click on your Facebook Lead Ads, they visualize a registration form in which users? data are added by Facebook. Nowadays, a lot of users browse through the web on mobile phones. Facebook Lead Ads allows you to also generate leads from mobile traffic, thanks to its specific optimization. ???

facebook leads leadsbridgeThere?s only one problem with Lead Ads: Facebook stores all the leads you collected in a simple CSV that you need to download, compromising the quality of leads.

Although this might not seem the most user-friendly format to deal with, you can synchronize all your leads library into your CRM software or your mail provider by using a software. This software helps to manage the leads that you have obtained from your Lead Ads campaigns importing all the acquired contacts into your favorite customer management tool.

Canvas campaign

Facebook Canvas is a tool widely used by our team. In fact, it allowed Leadsbridge to cut advertising costs by creating beautiful landing pages for mobile traffic. Facebook Canvas uses a combination of videos, still images and call-to-action buttons. Thanks to its optimization, it provides a fast-loading experience that web page can actually not afford. Running Facebook Canvas can increase opt-in rates and sales while reducing your marketing efforts.

canvas campaign leadsbridgeLast shot campaign

The ?last shot? campaign is necessary to create a sense of urgency on prospective customers.

last shot leadsbridge

The problem when running a successful and cheap ?last shot? retargeting campaign is: how to create a custom audience of people interested in your offers or close to the deadline?

There are many ways to do it. The simplest one (but less effective) is to create a website custom audience of people who already saw your offer. In our experience, this one is not the most profitable way to target the right people.

In fact, a more profitable way to empower your Facebook Custom Audiences is by syncing them automatically with your Email Database.


In this article, you discovered nine high ROI retargeting campaigns that helped Leadsbridge enhance its revenue. At this point, you may ask whether this stuff will work for you. The answer is yes. It does.

However, if you are a good marketer and business owner, you may know that there is only one way to discover the truth: Drive your own tests.

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