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Matt Bouchard
Matt Bouchard

Matt Bouchard‘s N.C. ?Construction Law, Policy & News blog combines two qualities essential for a highly useful blog: Focus and depth. This blog is relevant if you are a construction and design professional in North Carolina — providing the level of serious discussion and commentary for state-specific issues (framed within broader perspectives) relevant to your business or practice.?Consider, for example, this posting:?Why I Support Limiting North Carolina?s Lien Agent Statute to Residential Construction?Projects. ?Bouchard points out how changes to state lien law by instituting a lien agent statute, instigated by out-of-state title insurance companies because of challenges with residential construction projects, have resulted in unintended challenges for non-residential contractors. The topic here may not be of direct relevance to you if you aren’t in North Carolina, but if you are, Bouchard’s direct local knowledge and intervention in this issue is of obvious immediate importance. (Bouchard is a partner at?Lewis & Roberts, P.L.L.C. in Raleigh.)

While Bouchard provides several state-specific insights, many of his postings are relevant to construction industry leaders everywhere, and he has even included a guest post from a British organization providing some observations of lien rules in Great Britain. (I’m generally wary of guest post solicitations — the contributors are usually trying to enhance their own search engine optimization — but this content actually appears to be well written and relevant to the topic.) ?Topics covered include risks of making false claims and best practices in working with surety companies; and these issues are important to everyone.

This blog is a worthy contestant in the 2013 Best Construction Blog competition. You can vote here. ?Voting continues until April 1.

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