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thought leadershipOne of the most interesting challenges (and opportunities) in marketing-related decisions whether to focus intensely to achieve a clear objective, or remain capable to respond to possibilities and opportunities (and dangers) on the periphery. We’re aware of stories of businesses blown out of the water by new technologies possibly because management focused on sticking to the (original) knitting. ?At the same time, scatter-brained efforts and “we can do everything” marketing strategies generally fail, because you cannot really achieve brand (and thought) leadership through this everything-goes mentality.

Then, of course, perhaps similar to the arcane world of quantum mechanics, where everything can be right, or wrong (or both right and wrong) depending on your perception.

I feel a bit in that physics-type conundrum today as several totally diverging (yet rationally-developed) initiatives converge, just hours before I travel to the U.S. for a North Carolina summit on U.S. federal/military contracting opportunities — on the day that the U.S. will reach its national debt limit.

Thought leadership in the construction industry — Webinar — 2:00 p.m. EDT today

Patrick King’s webinar on thought leadership will provide a real resource for anyone seeking to build their architectural, engineering or construction-related practice or business. This is a chance to truly understand how what may be considered to be soft marketing strategies — web content, speaking, article writing and the like, can translate to real business and much more successful RFP and bidding opportunities. The price is reasonable, as well.

This event is relevant to business developers and principals/owners?everywhere in the English-speaking world, but obviously is especially useful if you are in the Canada or the U.S. (King is located near Washington DC).

Career Directions: Your powerful (nd profitable) opportunities in specifications writing

The next initiative, from 5:30 to 7:30 tonight, is totally local. This late afternoon event at the Algonquin College Centre for Construction Excellence (ACCE) in Ottawa will introduce students and others interested in specification writing’s value to careers in the AEC industry. ?I am the chair of the Ottawa Construction Specifications Canada (CSC) chapter, and this project will show how specifications writing can be valuable for career development.

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The CSC project relates to one of the key marketing success components: Community contributions. Voluntary leadership within relevant client-centric organizations is undoubtedly one of the most effective long-range marketing strategies, as the marketer/business developer builds trust and relationships.CSC and, in the U.S. the Construction Specifications Institute, provides opportunities ?for interdisciplinary relationship-building, because of the importance of the specifications-writing process in AEC decision-making.

If you are in Ottawa and would like to learn more about specifications writing or you would like to encourage your employees or students to expand their abilities, please register for this free event. We’ll provide a light dinner (sandwiches) and the opportunity to win a couple of Senators hockey tickets.

After a staff meeting, these two events, and other business management tasks, I’ll head to the gym for some much-needed exercise, returning home in time to catch my breath, pack, and prepare for the next event

A visit to North Carolina (5 a.m. tomorrow)

At noon, I’ll meet with local publisher Bob Kruhm, and we’ll drive to Wilmington ?for the?2013 North Carolina Federal Construction, Infrastructure & Environmental (FEDCON) Summit?on Thursday.?Then, on Friday, I’ll be meeting with Bob and a couple of candidates who are seeking to take on the responsibilities for North Carolina Construction News and South Carolina Construction News after he retires later this year.

The Carolinas side of our business may seem scatter-focused, but it has a history related to years-ago business decisions.

Obviously, these events and activities reflect different issues, markets, and opportunities, and there are some ?co-ordination challenges here. Yet, while I believe in focus and certainly recognize that sometimes we need to say “no” to nice-to-do things on the periphery, I’m confident that the diverse activities this week are worthwhile and even essential. I hope, if any of them are relevant to you, you can participate as well.

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