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reber blog
Tom Reber's Motorhard blog is a worthy contender for the 2016 Best Construction Blog competition with solid content and a human touch
reber blog
Tom Reber’s Motorhard blog is a worthy contender for the 2016 Best Construction Blog competition with solid content and a human touch.

Tom Reber’s undoubtedly deserves its status as a serious contender for the 2016 Best Construction Blog. Right now, the blog has a strong second-place status in the popular vote (a bit behind last year’s successful finalist Tocci Building Companies). Reber’s blog combines the right combination of practical, personal and emotional insight to make a successful blog.

Reber got his start in the contractor coaching/consulting business after successfully building a Chicago painting business from scratch into a multi-million dollar enterprise in three years. He did this, he says, through a truly solid client experience process.

In this video blog, he describes three things a local painting contractor needs to do to succeed.  They are: Build solid local relations (in person); develop an effective website with a call-to-action that really causes clients to respond (Ask — Do your potential clients know what to do when they visit the site); and make Google like you through effective content; like a weekly blog post (minimum) with useful information (video and text) for your ideal client demographic.

This advice, of course, applies not only to painting contractors; in other contexts, it applies to any business serving the architectural, engineering and contracting community. If you are a specialized engineer serving a specific nationally focused niche, for example, you might not hang out at the local chamber of commerce, but connect with relevant client-focused associations; and your call-to-action may be more subtle than a consumer-focused service; you might reference useful white papers or technical materials for download after the reader provides some basic contact information.

Reber reminds us he’s human. He is a former Marine who acknowledges he “shoots blanks” — his infertility led to the decision with his wife to adopt three children. (I can relate to that; although not infertile, we married late, my wife had two miscarriages, and we decided to adopt — our Guatemala-born son, now 18, has started university and brings to our family incredible social and interpersonal skills that I can’t claim for myself.)

Reber’s blog has solid, state-of-the-art design and loads of content. I’m sure the judges will give it serious consideration in this year’s competition. You should too.

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