More on robotic building (and augmented reality)

termite robot harvard

This Guardian article provides another hint at robotic building trends — “termites” with the capacity to construct stuff based on programming language, possibly useful in remote or difficult locations. Earlier, I posted references to a University of California’s research team initiative with Contour Crafting, or 3D “printing” using concrete to complete multi-layered construction projects.

This stuff, along with augmented reality — where you can “build” ideas from the ground up and turn them into virtually life-like structures, may seem right out of the science fiction universe, but I think has real implications for 2014 construction marketing. If anything, with the correct tie in to BIM software and tools, you will be able to create some pretty entrancing presentations that will allow you to show your concepts, allow client feedback into design, and presumably plan more effectively for construction site circumstances.

I expect only a few early adaptors will go anywhere near this stuff but if you are ready to stand out from the crowd and have a bit of technological courage, I think you should consider the intriguing possibilities here and begin your implementation research.

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