Maybe we really should learn the secrets of speaking and presenting (it isn’t that hard)

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Speaking and presenting can be truly effective for marketing and business development
Prezi nchca jan 17 2012
Consider the value of the Prezi rather than conventional power-point webinars.

Sometimes gurus post startling headlines to get attention. This article: “Why it is time to kill the Webinar” does just that. Writer Justin Barison however, doesn’t really suggest that online presentations should disappear completely — just the draggy, crappy power-point deals where the speaker drones on with awkwardness and dryness. He suggests, instead, that perhaps the Webinar be redesigned to allow visual interaction with the speaker or, if not, that the slides be presented without forcing the viewer through the entire show (like in a simple point-share program.)

Okay, that makes sense. But let me take things a step further. Who says we have to give boring speeches or crappy presentations. Surely we can prepare ourselves better — or learn how to prepare and present ourselves. If presentation skills truly are important, why not master them? ?Would the time and perhaps professional coaching money you spend on these activities be a worthy investment? I think so, especially if you want to get it right.

There are plenty of places/ways to learn speaking and presentation skills. You may find value in joining a local Toastmasters group. One-on-one presentation coaching might be more expensive, but the ROI ?will probably be greater than most conventional advertising campaigns. And consider alternatives to Powerpoint style presentations — I like the approach as one option. Take some time to learn how to do it right.

Do you recall a particularly good (or bad) speech, presentation or webinar. You can share your observations in a comment below or a private email.

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