Marketing success: Follow your own less-taken path

Zimbabwe road
A road in eastern Zimbabwe. Consider following your own path when planning your business and marketing strategies

There are many words of wisdom and quite a few marketing pundits who will tell you what to do, and what not, when you are marketing your architectural, engineering and construction services. Yet the best answer may be to take all the information and then do your own thing.

There are real marketing reasons for this answer. Concepts such as focus and differentiation, where you stand out from the crowd with your uniqueness, set the stage for marketing effectiveness. If you can’t express your own unique strengths and qualities, you’ll be lost in among the mediocre.

Maybe you are happiest working within other people’s systems and mind-models. Then you might make a good lower or mid-level employee or perhaps you could sign up for a cookie-cutter franchise and follow the rulebook. But I expect if you want to grow your own business, in many cases you’ll want to be yourself. (And if you are a marketer employed by an individual or partnership team, you’ll want to know what defines your employers’ values, so you can meld your own knowledge about marketing processes with their passions and values.)

Obviously it is possible to get off on wrong track and to make glaring errors. I’ll assume that if you have been?able to reach the stage where reading this blog is relevant to you, you have more business and marketing strengths than weaknesses.

Go ahead. Listen, read, learn and observe textbook and marketing pundits’ advice. Just don’t be afraid to listen to yourself. Your way, probably, will be the best way.

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