Marketing envy: Matt Handal’s 5 (or more) blow-your-mind out free goodies in one click

handal letter

handaI admit I sometimes envy others, especially when they get everything right, and more. Matt Handal’s recent eletter (based on a blog posting, so he doesn’t need to rethink everything), has so much worthwhile information in it that I feel like he can teach me far more than I can teach — and I’m supposed to be knowledgeable about AEC marketing stuff.

There are technical challenges, for example, but once I figure out how to structure my blog into an RSS Feed through MailChimp, I’ll solve the problem of restoring this blog’s long-overdue weekly email update — and Handal addresses another problem; the lack of marketing value in conventional e-letters, which is perhaps why I have had trouble maintaining the weekly eletter.

Look as well at the writing style, the screen pop-up to draw you to provide your email address, everything . . .

It’s so good (from a marketing perspective) that I feel like I’m an amateur.

That’s okay. I can accept some humility, and learn a bit in the process. And maybe, in exchange for this plug, Matt will show me what I need to do to get that RSS feed thing to work.

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