Mango Rocks and LinkedIn


Mango RockSometimes suprising things happen in this business.  When Al Mango connected with me through an invitation posted in the Construction Marketing Ideas LinkedIn group, I didn?t know what to expect.  This contractor has built a business designing and constructing concrete ?rocks? for car dealerships, theme parks, and the like.

Undoubtedly Mango has a unique business ? but his story, told in today?s Construction Marketing Ideas newsletter ? is a reminder of how creativity, marketing and a sense of excitement can result in much more profitable results than the day-to-day mundane stuff.

Yet we don?t need to be aspiring reality television show stars to achieve success.  If any of us take our natural talents and interests, and combine them with appropriate aspects of the marketing disciplines, we can succeed without contorting ourselves into emotional pretzels.

After all, I?m a writer and journalist by trade (and passion).  I?ll develop my business a whole lot more by writing and blogging than making cold calls.  My sense is that if you enjoy fishing, music, or (yes, it can happen) really working at your trade or profession, you can find ways to integrate these activities with your marketing and sales processes ? and have a whole lot more fun in the process.

In the meantime, my social media book is taking shape.  If you wish to be on the preview list (no cost or obligation), this link will lead you to a simple and easy-to-complete form.

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