Localization of Google searches: Your snapshots invited


Here is the Google page I see when I key in Construction Marketing (without quotes). I?ve set the default to Google.com rather than Google.ca, which brings up slightly different results.  My question is, ?What do you see??

I raise this observation because in my conversation with Joel Helfer in Chicago, he observed that his site, constructionmarketingmachine.com, had reached a high place on Page 1 of the relevant construction marketing search page.  But I don?t see it at all in Canada, suggesting localization is important in search assessment.

(On my page view,  constructionmarketingblog.com, operated by Seth Holdren in Nashville TN appears second.  Seth is an inspired and creative Internet marketer who clearly knows how to maximize his site?s effectiveness for SEO.

In the search engine results I can observe, my ?old? blogger blog, constructionmarketingideas.blogspot.com has first place and this blog ranks fifth, with an article I posted on a ezine site, sixth.  Not too bad, of course, because studies indicate that the absolutely highest marketing value is achieved if you are first for relevant listings or at least in the first few spots.  Getting three references on the first search page is pretty good.

But what do you see?  That is the question, and the test of localization, and here you can help me with a little experiment.

Could you take a screen shot of the first page of Google searches under the words Construction Marketing and email the image to me at buckshon@cnrgp.com?  Alternatively, if you wish, feel free to post the first listings you observe on the Google pages as a comment to this posting ? and let me know your city and state or province (or whether you are overseas).

Although this is clearly not a scientific study, your results will help draw a picture about the impact of localization on search engine data.  The news may be especially good for you localization is important and trumps other factors in defining search engine rankings ? meaning you can lead your community on words which might be difficult to achieve on a national level.

Once again, simply take a screen shot and mail the image to buckshon@cnrgp.com or post the results as a comment.  I?ll share the results of this informal survey with you in future blog postings.

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