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Let’s Fix Construction provides a wonderful generalist overview of issues and trends impacting the architectural, engineering and construction community. It is a great place to go for interpretations and updates on important issues such as, for example, school classroom and security.

For example, this post, Classroom Security Code Requirements, outlines the risks of low-cost security barricade retrofits, and provides information on safer alternatives that comply with fire codes and disability access requirements.

Each school shooting brings renewed attempts to secure our schools and prevent the next tragedy.

Unfortunately, in the rush to do something (anything!) quickly and within tight budgetary constraints, safety is sometimes overlooked in favor of security.

Video: Decoded — Code requirements for classroom safety

Retrofit security products, also known as classroom barricade devices, have entered the market in recent years.? Although these devices may have an attractive pricetag and are less complex to purchase and install than traditional locksets and key systems, there are risks, liabilities, and unintended consequences to consider.

For decades, the model codes have included requirements which help to ensure free egress, fire protection, and accessibility, and the 2018 model codes have an additional requirement for access to locked classrooms from the outside using a key or other approved means.? When these codes are enforced, classroom barricade devices cannot be used in addition to the existing locking or latching hardware.

The blog’s perspective reflects its founders’ backgrounds.

Let’s Fix Construction was co-founded by two opposing coast AEC professionals, Eric D. Lussier of Precision Athletic Surfaces, hailing from the East, just outside of Burlington, Vermont and Cherise Lakeside, specifier for LSW Architects of Vancouver, WA and representing the West.

Having met through the Construction Specifications Institute and keeping in touch through social media, Eric and Cherise decided to do more than just gripe about issues plaguing the industry, ?and created LetsFixConstruction.com on August 15, 2016.

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