Korte Construction Blog: An impressive application of blogging best practices

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The Korte Company blog intro page is simple -- but the underlying content provides invaluable marketing power to the contractor

If you want to see an effective and thoughtful blog for a successful ICI design/build contractor,?take a look at The Korte Company’s initiative. This Illinois-headquartered company (with branches in Missouri, Nevada and Oklahoma) demonstrates effective expertise, coupled with some rather simple but powerful lead generation resources. (The blog in my opinion is quite well designed, as well.)

Consider this post, for example. ?A Guide to Warehouse Construction Costs would be just the right information if I were a business owner/facilities manager considering a warehouse project.

The blog discusses simple cost estimating tools:

There are many easy-to-use construction cost estimating tools available at your fingertips. Let?s say you?re planning to build a 30,000-square-foot warehouse in Kansas City at a median cost index. Simply plug it into an online estimator, such as the Building Journal?s construction cost estimator, and you?ll see construction costs sit just over $1.5 million. Easy, right?

And then points out the limitations of these services:

Well, maybe. But it?s important to keep in mind that these figures are incomplete estimates. As discussed above, there are many factors affecting the cost of your warehouse project. It?s crucial to keep in mind many factors beyond location and price index when creating a comprehensive and nuanced cost estimate.

The blog continues with a discussion of some of the variables that could affect costs, and then (like other entries) concludes with a lead-gathering offer that truly ensures the blog will deliver valuable results to the contractor. ?If you provide your name, job title, and email address, you’ll be able to access this offer:

In this advanced guide to state-of-the-art distribution centers, we reveal design strategies to achieve streamlined operations, energy savings and rapid project delivery. Fill out the form to download this comprehensive but to-the-point guide.

korte blog warehouse form
This form at the bottom of the blog posting about warehouse costing shows how the blog creatively is integrated with the contractor’s marketing and lead development initiatives.

There are plenty of other specialized posts. I especially enjoyed the ones on airplane hangar construction. Although I’m not currently in the market for a place to service big planes, I’m sure the information would be relevant to individuals who require the services.

hangar post
Not everyone needs an airplane hangar, but if you do, this post provides invaluable information

Overall this blog combines the right elements to ensure success. If you are puzzled about how to make a blog effective for your marketing and lead building/development, see how this blog integrates with overall lead-building and marketing approaches. It will take some effort to build the back-up marketing guides and resources like you see here, but if you do, you will be on your way to capturing plenty of new business.

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