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Korte Construction's blog combines just the right combination of educational and promotional information to be effective for lead generation and business development

I could be guilty of duplicate content in deciding to re-run last year’s review of Korte Construction’s blog this year. The midwestern general contractor continues to do what I noticed then: Applying best practices in blog design and marketing to achieve the desired goals: More effective search engine optimization and effectively educating readers about the company, in a manner that goes far beyond the standard self-promotional clich?s.

Consider this post, the most recent dated Jan. 2: How to keep a facility running while expanding and/or renovating.

It’s certainly an important topic and an often crucial decision to make (and in many cases, as Korte suggests, may be unavoidable).

If people and equipment cannot be moved, or the normal activities inside a building are sensitive enough to preclude daytime construction, overnight and weekend work is necessary. The benefit to users is that normal business can occur without disruption aside from some areas being sealed off. It also makes it easier for construction crews since they can do their work without having to dodge employees or patrons. However, it?s harder ?and sometimes more expensive? to supply an adequate workforce on these jobs.

Coexistence takes many forms, but flexibility and constant communication are paramount. It?s a two-way street, and it works best when ground rules and thoughtful plans are made from the start and followed to a ?T.

Of course the key to effective marketing is for Korte to demonstrate this “building while operating” successfully is providing several case studies, which the Korte does.

korte construction 2018 example
Korte Construction makes excellent use of project construction images to illustrate its blog.

Korte doesn’t shout about its blog from the rooftop; you need to know its URL to find the specific “blog” pointers — but of course you can be redirected to relevant pages/posts within the website to discover appropriate articles. There’s also a solid lead generating free offer: The Owner’s Guide to Company Culture in Construction, to “Learn the traits that separate quality builders from the rest.” Clearly someone who requests this document may be worthy of follow-up as a potential client.

This is certainly a worthy entry in the 2018 Best Construction Blog competition. Voting continues until March 31.

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