Knowing your marketing (and business) place — the strengths and limitations

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emotional pyramidChange is hard. We can be set in our ways. Yet I don’t think this is always bad. There is a principle of marketing, consistency, that suggests that once we make a decision, we really, really don’t want to move to anything else. It can sometimes take brute force or a really big crisis to change things.

So maybe, once we find our place, we should be happy to live there.

How do you apply this concept in your marketing life?

Write down (or if you don’t like writing), say out loud into your voice recognition software, the three things you enjoy doing the most during your work/business day. It could be golfing, hunting, schmoozing with clients, or working the tools of your trade. Doesn’t matter.

Then look hard and determine the skills or interests where you have real, incredible, and absolute talent.

Move the one where you have the talent — and you enjoy — to the top of the list. Then see how you can combine the talent “value” with the enjoyment aspect for the other two. (Example: You enjoy golfing but will never be anywhere near a pro, but you really also enjoy and are extremely good at carpentry: Then create something that could be given as a prize or as a marketing banner/sign for the golf tournament you attend. Or you enjoy golfing and also enjoy and are really good at organizing things: Then take the initiative and organize a golf tournament for your trade association, business or community group.)

If all goes well, this combination should create the beginning of one or more really sustainable initiatives or projects, usually at virtually no cost and a whole lot of fun to pursue.

Have fun. Do what you love doing and what you are really good at doing. How could there be any better combination for marketing success?

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