KLT – IPDR and Chicago (and when you sort out the acronyms, you’ll be able to tell the story.

the Chicago skyline
How do you put "value" on building the base for longer-range marketing strategies. in our case, while the decision to build a business in Chicago seemingly evolved quite quickly, it had roots in initiatives almost a decade ago.
the Chicago skyline

The concept behind effective story, according Kevin Rogers, is that you need to create a way to achieve the Know – Like – Trust marketing objectives (KLT).

And the way you do that, he suggests, is to follow the stand-up comedian’s technique:  Define your identity, (I) express the problem (P), show the discovery/aha (D) and then express the result (R).

Fair enough, but how the heck do you do that?

Let’s try.  My goal is for you to purchase some advertising in Chicago Construction News. (Obviously this is highly relevant if you do business (or want to) in Chicagoland, and is only theoretical if you don’t care anything about the windy city.

Hi, I’m Mark Buckshon. I publish regional construction multi-media services, including this week in Chicago. I’m also a somewhat nerdy guy who lives in Canada who has less-than-elegant social skills.

Chicago Construction NewsProblem: Heck, we’re launching a publication/website in the third largest city in the U.S. A wonderfully talented local publisher, Brooke McDonald, is taking up the chore — and a decade ago I discovered that the old Chicago Construction News, once the name of a local construction newspaper, had become free to use again. But Chicago is a really big city — and it isn’t easy to say “like me” to someone so new at the game.

Discovery: Then I discovered that the new and upstart leads service — DataBid — for which we have a strategic partnership, has chosen Chicagoland as its first major US market. We aren’t in the business of providing detailed construction leads, but everyone in the industry needs them — and we can support the process of finding and discovering business together. And Brooke followed up by connecting with relevant associations including the Chicago Builders Association. Now we have a list of about 7,500 qualified names, and lots of news and information and relevance.

Result: You don’t need to do the heavy lifting — just share your story and your goals for finding new clients in Chicagoland. You’ll discover a refreshing, multi-faceted approach (and it won’t blow your bank account away). And you can reach Brooke easily by email at bmcdonald@chicagoconstructionnews.com (or learn more at the chicagoconstructionnews.com website) right away.

There, I hope that story will that cause you to want to call Brooke. I’m not sure. I think the message still needs to be refined. The process takes time.  It isn’t entirely easy to learn how to do the KLT – IPDR right. However, you can certainly visit Chicago Construction News now and see for yourself.

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