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Jason Yana at Jason Yana Studios: Visual Marketing Blog provides an important service for building product and technology companies — the capacity to convert technical material into visually appealing and relevant marketing resources. This skill should not be underestimated, because the challenge of converting jargon into sales, without dumbing things down for the people with the authority and capacity to purchase or specify building solutions, should not be underestimated.

His most recent blog posting provides step-by-step instructions on implementing trackable QR Codes for your business cards and other printed material — an important and useful resource, because the ability to interface printed media with electronic and mobile resources is undeniably important in 2013. You can see the gist of his elegantly easy-to-implement solution here (and he walks you through the details on how to achieve these results in minutes — but I’ll let you read them on his blog, not mine.)

How to make a custom QR code that reports to google analytics in about 5 minutes.

So an associate of mine told me the other day that I need business cards. He?s right, even though I do most of my business online, there still is no substitute for a face to face meeting and a card exchange. ? Another friend said, ?put a qr code on it?. ?I have seen google?s custom url builder and how you can use that to build a link that can have google analytics reporting built into it. So I figured:

?Why not include a QR Code on my business card that, when scanned, reports back to my google analytics giving source data for the traffic, and send people to my web site??

?The only thing about his blog that troubled me, and (from a marketing perspective this may actually be a positive), proved to be the intrusive pop-up invitation for his free newsletter that wouldn’t go away and, it seems, could not be removed without actually signing up for the newsletter. Then, after some searching, I discovered the small X box to delete it from the frame. Of course, while the seemingly mandatory newsletter sign up may seem irritating, if the purpose of the blog is to attract qualified leads, we could argue that forcing the issue isn’t such a bad thing. ?I’ll ask him about conversion rates, responses, and whether I had been missing something my ability to remove the sign up box. (And might test implementing a similar structure on my own blog, as well.)

Overall, his blog is a worthy entry in the Best Construction Blog competition. We are now in the home stretch for voting — the competition closes on April 1 2013, at 5 p.m. ?You can view the blogs and vote here.

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