Interview with 2014 Best Construction Blog winner scheduled

The 2014 Best Construction Blog winner: the Construction Contractor Advisor blog

I’ll be interviewing (via Google Hangout/YouTube), 2014 Best Construction Blog winner, Omaha, NE lawyer Craig Martin, who publishes Construction Contract Advisor.

The interview is scheduled for 2:00 pm EDT this afternoon (Thursday, May 8, 2014). ?We’re going to conduct the interview via Google Hangout, because this allows the interview to be recorded and stored on YouTube. ?You are welcome to participate/watch the interview live through Google Hangouts.

However, be warned. I haven’t researched nor tested (and in fact used) the Hangout technology for some time — so there could be glitches or, worse, the whole thing may crash.

The relevant Google Plus/Hangout link is here: ?

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