Interactive, engaging media: If you have the budget, look at the possibilities

google think page

google thinkIf you want to see some leading-edge multi-dimensional promotional strategies in action, take a trip down Google Think/Insights, where the search engine/media giant posts creative submissions indicating the potential of multi-media and technology-based marketing. ?The “creative sandbox” section includes some intriguing entries, though some of the ones that are most highly described appear as unavailable (or possibly hacked) on my computer screen (showing the limitations of stuff when you go to the frontiers of design/creativity and innovation.

However, you can see some of the interactive possibilities in the various entries, including an iintriguing one from Melbourne, Australia, and this video, from the Johannesburg, SA Zoo, staring a homey badger.

Notably, the examples here generally represent larger consumer-oriented companies, which traditionally have had marketing budgets that I expect most of this blog’s readers would find overwhelming. ?If you have stashes of marketing cash, you can spend money on multi-media projects without too much stress — heck, you just convert some of that old (Superbowl) television advertising expense to the alternative formats.

However, you’ll find value in reading through this site and picking up on the research, and then thinking about simple and inexpensive, yet effective, techniques where you can merge video, social media and more traditional marketing to truly enhance your marketing results/effectiveness.

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