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intelligent building blog

intelligent building blog

Jason Guerrero’s?Intelligent Building ( blog takes on a rather big challenge — to provide generalist insights and education for owners, contractors and consumers on a diversity of construction-related topics.

This isn’t an easy thing to do — and there is always the risk in generalist observations that you will lose the specialists’ interest, or cover topics superficially, and therefore ineffectively. However, I think Guerrero?has managed to navigate these challenges, with some allowance for indications that English may not be his first language.

Consider, for example, his?observations in this posting: How best engineers can change the world and how you can too!

One wise man says. the best thinkers in the world are businessmen. Well, the best doers in the world are engineers.

Engineers are everywhere. They are fond of numbers, enjoying games of abstract reasoning, loving the idea of twisting their?minds and resolving bad conditions when others are giving up.

The more tricky it is, the more enjoying for?us. We?are individuals not contended on one way solution. We want batches of group of solutions. Making our own formulas, finding the easiest and bravest formula we can be proud of.

So which qualities make the “best engineer”. ?I’ll let Guerrero explain the details, but in summary, the qualifications include:

  • Playful
  • No pain, no gain attitude
  • Has superpower
  • Dreamer in action
  • Making your own

He observes:

Your Greater Role on Earth

In time of world?s difficulties, talks about religions, races,?territories and wars all over the place. There is one job that facing a new battle but on different arena.

  • A battle to shorten the long distances.
  • A battle to make light the heavy loads.
  • A battle to find easier solution on hardships.
  • A battle to automated the manual?delivery.
  • A battle to resolved covers?the unexpected gaps.
  • A battle on winning the losing?lives.

His blog, I think, reflects these values — a challenging, wide-ranging exploration of topics of relevance to anyone associated with the architectural, engineering and construction community.

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