Ian Denny: Walking the talk with word-of-mouth and referral marketing

ian denny
Ian Denny founder of Plus 1 Networking.
thank you marketing
One of Ian Denny’s postings — showing how effective “thank you” systems increase repeat and referral business

UK-based consultant Ian Denny’s words in his marketing message shot out to my ready-attention when I discovered his posting on the LinkedIn Construction Marketing Ideas group.

He offers a consultancy service — where, after surveying your clients and discovering the ones that truly love doing business with you — he calls and encourages referral and word of mouth activity.

This stuff is right out of the my own Construction Marketing Ideas book (he is writing his own) — though I don’t claim any brilliancy in discovering the basic concept that if you deliver really great service/value, you can, with a bit of thought and effort, attract the word-of-mouth, repeat and referral business far more effectively through a systematized strategy than if you take passive approaches.

ian denny
Ian Denny founder of Plus 1 Networking.

Of course, word-of-mouth and referral business isn’t the only way to attract new clients. Denny, for example, didn’t come to my attention through any sort of referral. And his free offer of “all” of his 37 tips suggests that he has set up a drip-email marketing plan. He’ll send out the tips over time, building trust and value — without pouring management time and energy into the process because the email sequence presumably operates through an autoresponder.

In writing this post, I’ve given him another bonus — free media publicity, another approach that can be extremely effective, without requiring much if any cash investment.

Regardless, while I can’t yet vouch for his services, I think he is on the right track, and you won’t do bad to subscribe for his free email tips, which you can access here.

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