How to sell $80,000 pianos (and maybe other stuff)


Steinway 50,000I enjoyed learning this bit of marketing inspiration from Steinway. Agreed, most of this blog’s readers aren’t either in the market for or selling $80,000 pianos, but the experiential aspect of the marketing initiative is worthy of consideration in our own strategies.

What if you are selling a high-ticket item to a difficult-to-reach audience like an $80,000 grand piano? How does Steinway push beyond campaign towards action? When you buy a?grand piano from?Steinway,?they will stage a private concert in your home. According to author?Joseph Pine?it comes with all the trimmings. Steinway helps with invitations, serves wine and hors d?oeuvres, provides valet parking and brings in a professionally trained concert pianist. It creates an experience for its customers. And you know that?s the best that piano will ever sound in the home. Pine spoke to a Steinway customer who had held a concert. Two of his friends bought a Steinway afterward.

Consider that many of us are in fact “selling a high-ticket item to a difficult-to-reach audience”. ?The owners and decision-makers for AEC services can be difficult to reach, that is for sure, and even for simple residential work, the fees are high enough that most families would only think of calling on our services rarely.

Well, we certainly can’t set up a piano concert in clients’ homes, but maybe (for residential clients) we could pay the costs of hosting a housewarming party, with top-flight catering, some free furnishings and maybe (even) a rented piano.

In the ICI sector, something similar might be possible — relating to grand opening celebrations or events.

Would a modest allocation of marketing dollars be worthy, if potential referral clients could be invited as the new owners proudly show off their finished project?

Just some food for thought, and a bit of marketing creativity. ?See the source article here.

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