How to put testimonials to work where they are most effective

Mike Jeffries

Mike JeffriesA few days ago, I reported on Mike Jeffries’ extremely simple yet elegant client survey form. Yesterday, Jeffries emailed me to share a use for the form results which is amazingly powerful.

The biggest advantage is that our clients put these in their presentation binders ? the more the better ? when a prospect sees 50 or 100 or 150 great satisfaction surveys the deal is essentially done.

Yes, how much sales resistance would you expect when you can read several dozen enthusiastic and absolutely genuine client reviews, on the spot, when you are making your decision about whether to hire a contractor?

Now, you of course may have noticed there is a prerequisite for this sort of powerful marketing. You really have to deliver the goods. Underlying virtually all great marketing is a great client experience. This cannot be faked or manipulated.

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