How to build your website’s project portfolio section

mayecreate design

MayeCreate Design has developed a solid article explaining the whys and hows of building your website’s project portfolio component. The article explores the variations that would relate to your business and target market, and notably offers some worthy advice on effective amateur photography. (The latter may be a key cost-savings issue, as the number of photos you may need for this section — and the dynamic challenge of adding and updating project images — could be a budget breaker if you were using professional paid photographers.)

Katie Guinn writes:

When considering your construction website?s purpose and potential, deciding whether or not you need a portfolio on your construction website is the easy part (because the answer is most likely YES). The harder part is figuring out how to lay out your projects in a way that?s most beneficial to your prospects and clients.

If you can nail down a solid structure, map out your photo-taking process, and isolate must-feature specifics, you?re well on your way to drafting an impressive portfolio section for your website that pays off in new business.

Her document is certainly a worthwhile tool, whether you are building your website in-house or seeking guidance on best practices if you are planning to outsource the work.

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