How do you get so much business, and yet have the highest prices?

Ron Smith's HVAC Spells Wealth Book

Michael JeffriesIn a recent newsletter, marketing guru Michael Jeffries cites HVAC contractor Ron Smith with a quote that anyone interested in business success should?consider carefully.

?Ron, I don?t understand why Modern Air does much more business than any of the rest of us, and yet has the highest prices. How do you do that??

The answer, of course, isn’t too far from home. First you get the basics of business operations right. Then you strategically market your advantages.

hvac spells wealth
Ron Smith’s HVAC Spells Wealth Book

The basics? Well these aren’t rocket science observations, but if you fail at any of them you will fail in business and marketing, or at least suffer in low-profit mediocrity.

  1. Show up when you say you will
  2. Do quality work
  3. Be ethical
  4. Be convenient to do business with.

Note price isn’t on the list. And these ideas really are simple and easy-to-understand and don’t require any exceptional talent (except, perhaps for 2, if your field/expertise requires higher-than-average talent.)

As well, you absolutely need to have the foundations right before you ANY marketing — because all you will do if you attract clients through advertising is to drive them away (and their word-of-mouth) as quickly as you attract them, if you don’t.

Yet, Jeffries, quoting Smith, continues with the telling observation that just following the rules isn’t enough. You have to reach out and bring in the business.

So what was the secret to Ron Smith?s tremendous success?

He attributes it to treating customers well?we already covered that?having catchy slogans like ?This is Modern Air Country,? and?

? advertising a lot.

Bottom line, you must always promote your business.? Pick three or four marketing strategies and implement them.

As you read this, I expect you fall into one of two groups of readers. In the first, you understand this stuff quite well, and find it easy, and just need to make a few tweaks here or there. In the second, you are lacking in one or more of the core elements, either internally within your business, or by lacking effective, consistent and thoughtful marketing, and are either at a loss about what to do next, or so stuck that you find it hard to even think about changing.

If that is the situation, I unfortunately cannot give you a quick fix, though there are some fast-acting things you can do to make progress.

Here is the strategy I would pursue:

  1. First, set aside an hour a day for learning. Read relevant books (I’ve linked to Smith and Jeffrey’s books here; you can find my own volume here as well.) Participate in seminars/webinars, and gather information.
  2. Second, take some time to quickly set out your priorities; looking at your weak spots and where you can improve.
  3. Then, finally, set out an hour or two a day to work on the biggest problem, and continue with that challenge until you have truly solved it. Then move on to the next.

It will take a while if there is a lot to do. The difference and defining point on whether you succeed or fail will be whether you persevere, and learn, and see yourself progressing, and continue.

You can do it.

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