How do you decide on the content in your content marketing?


Eric Gagnon’s Business Marketing Institute Tuesday Marketing Notes provides refreshingly substantive advice to anyone who is working in the business-to-business marketing space. (This of course is broader than this blog’s overall construction marketing focus, but the content is relevant to virtually anyone whose primary market is in the business-to-business or business-to-government segments, rather than individual consumers.)

In his most recent eletter, Gagnon focuses on how to determine/develop content for your “content marketing”. The basic advice, share what you know (and gather relevant knowledge from the experts within your organization) is straightforward enough, but he adds some important additional insights.

To utilize content effectively in your marketing program,?it helps to identify the issues and trends in your industry, link them to your product (or applications involving your product), and then tap the people inside your company who can comment and add perspective on these issues and trends.

He suggests sources include senior executives, technical and product development staff and sales, service and customer support, and delves into more detailed interpretations of how each group can provide the content you require for your marketing strategies.

I’ll let you go to the source for the details, and think that if you are interested in effective BtoB marketing, you should consider subscribing to this eletter.

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