Hot roofers? (Controversial, maybe)

Is there a story behind the story on this billboard.
Is there a story behind the story on this billboard.
Is there a story behind the story on this Tampa Bay, FL billboard?

Justin Jones says he almost took out two cars when he pulled aside in to photograph this Tampa Bay, Florida contractor’s billboard.

He writes in

I debated writing this for 3.5 minutes. I almost took out 2 cars while trying to pullover and take a picture of this. I am not usually attracted to men spread out over 30 feet of canvass but,?I read Roofers..That caught my eye.

I have a roofing license and in all my years of doing this I have never seen an advertisement like this. When I think roofing, I think of Sweat, Hardwork, Professional, A little crazy..I don’t think of this advertisement.?I think this does a disservice to our industry.

My next thought, how about the customers perspective..WIFM..Whats in it for me.

If I have a roof leak and I see this billboard. Will this guy come and fix my leak? Doubtful. He looks more like and escort.

I know women make majority of the buying decision and I want to turn it over to the ladies on this one? Give me your thoughts on this?

Keep sexy out of construction or I am calling this company now?

My reaction: Can we learn more about this business? The domain is privacy protected, and the address associated with the business at a Facebook page associated with the domain (but at a different phone number) associates to a UPS store. However, the contractor has proper licenses — the license numbers check out, and you can match the names with other business names within the Florida construction community.

I cannot draw conclusions here, and won’t speak negatively about individual businesses or organizations.

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