Here are some new social media content and curation tools

Tools such as and quuu increase efficiency in curating and distributing relevant social media content
Quuu and Buffer are among the new tools available for social media curation and management.

Although I’ve written an e-book on some simple social media marketing concepts for the AEC community, there are some interesting new tools that I’ve just discovered that will, once I’ve evaluated them fully, encourage me to update the book.

The challenge: Creating and curating sufficient interesting and suitable content to make things interesting, in a manner and at a schedule that combines some convenience with effectiveness.

Tools like and may provide some capacity. Quuu provides “hand curated” material (including sponsored content) you can elect to post on your social media feed; and allows you to schedule and plan this posting for maximum effectiveness.

buffer allows you to control and manage your social media distribution.

I’ve only installed these tools for one of my business sites ( so will need some time to evaluate their effectiveness.

I learned about these tools?at?this?Fox news site article (based on an original posting):?New Tools That Will Streamline Your Marketing Campaigns.

Meanwhile, I’ve almost completed one of the simplest approaches to social media curation — the translation of relevant blog posts to suitable social media accounts. ?Initially, I’ve done this for our various publication websites, which each have matching relevant Facebook and Twitter accounts. The WordPress plugin (free) Social Media Auto Publish works quite well.

The advantage of this process: Quite often relevant social feeds are forwarded and copied, and I can quite often see the traffic boost as visitors arrive from their various social media connections to the relevant website page.

We shouldn’t underestimate the power of social media in our marketing; and continue to learn and apply the new and existing tools in the marketplace.

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