Help Everybody Everyday: A great blog that won’t win the Best Construction Blog competition

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The Help Everybody Everyday blog
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Matt Handal publishes a great blog, but is unlikely to campaign and win the Best Construction Blog competition

Matt Handal’s Help Everybody Every Day blog probably won’t have much chance of winning the 2016 Best Construction Blog competition. Not because it doesn’t deserve to be a contender — but Matt doesn’t push the process with campaigning and initiatives?to get out the vote; in fact, he didn’t even initiative the nomination — I did.

While I can’t lobby anyone to vote, and in fact have no say in the final decision, I would make this blog a top contender because of the depth of understanding and creative thinking relating to marketing, especially for professional services such as architects and engineers who must respond to RFP inquiries.

blog helpeverybody
The Help Everybody Everyday blog

Consider, for example, this post, where he poses questions about whether you should be a subcontractor/consultant on a teaming proposal:

It seems like the perfect situation. You get an email from a firm asking you to be on their team for a proposal they are putting together. They will be the ?prime? and you will be their ?sub.?

Teaming arrangements can be great. There are plenty of firms out there that generate most of their revenue through teaming arrangements. Scraps from a large prime could easily be a feast for a small sub.

Not only that, but putting together proposal materials as a sub is almost always easier than putting together a prime submission.

Sounds great, right!?!? But before you say yes, there are a few things that you should consider.

Then he goes into detail about the challenges you should consider before saying “yes” to the idea. (I’ll let you read the blog for the details. . .)

  • Can You Perform The Scope Of Work?
  • Will They Actually Use Us?
  • Do They Have A Reasonable Shot At Winning This?
  • Do We Have A Better Shot At Winning This As A Prime?
  • Does The Compensation Work For Us?
  • Even If They Win, How Likely Is It That We?ll Be Needed?

You’ll find a wealth of ideas in his blog — and I think you’ll want to add your name to his elist.

Maybe next year he’ll campaign and have a shot at winning the Best Construction Blog competition.

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