Hard choices, easy choices in construction marketing (and business)

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I ?need to make some hard choices for my business. But, as the plane landed last night from Calgary at midnight, I realized how easy these choices can be. ?I know the numbers, have the facts, can see the consequences, and realize what needs to be done to bring things to balance.

The choices are hard because they shake complacency, will put individuals on the spot, may cause some temporary economic distress, and might result in increased workload for a while for others .But an early review suggests they won’t result in enduring hardship for anyone.book cover image

There’s some luck in these decisions. Competency is a factor in others. Human respect and decency — the inevitable and undeniable fact that sometimes we are in awkward and unfortunate circumstances beyond our control — will be respected.

I could delay the decision, but that would only add to the hardship and risk going forward. ?I’ve learned to respect business red lines and we have reached some of them.

But wait . . . surely there are other answers, and surely I could have seen and planned for the red line before reaching it . . .

Yes, and I know that is true. And that is why perhaps I held off making the decisions until last night.Then, in ?a flash of insight, they become crystal clear.

Sometimes the hardest decisions are the easiest to make.


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