Greeting card services: What do you think?


This video outlines the use (and promotes) a greeting card service The concept of a card-sending service is potentially good, but I wouldn?t rush to use this service as it is structured as a multi-level marketing deal, and (perhaps unfairly), the second I see MLM in an offer, I run for the hills.  (This bias may reflect that MLM and conventional advertising-earning media don?t always get along too well.)

Nevertheless, I invite your observations if you use ?automated? greeting cards services.  The best, I assume, would allow personalization, database management and the like.

Of course, there is the old-fashioned way, which we use as a matter of policy, for thank you cards.  We just hand write and send them out as we do business.  Sales reps are asked to report on the number of cards they send each week ? a track of performance and relationship-development.  The costs are far less than the rewards.

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