Google plus, why bother?

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Some Google swag. If you can associate with big name institutions, brands or individuals, either locally or (better) internationally, you win powerful marketing credibility.

patrick king re google plusPatrick King provides some compelling arguments about why you should not write off Google + for architectural, engineering and construction marketing, despite his observation:

From day one, Google + has been the butt of (often very funny) jokes from tech experts and social media novices alike. Lacking the boom in popularity seen with other social sites (Instagram, Pinterest, etc.), and with casual users already connecting with one another on other sites, a lot of people write Google+ off as a failed, unnecessary concept that launched too late.

His points that there could be relevance for search engine optimization and the fact that the Google Hangout (tied in with YouTube) has developed the best videoconferencing and recording system available, are correct.The issue of whether you can build and maintain relevant communities on Google + is less certain from my perspective.

Although I’ve staked out two communities (one public and one private) related to Construction Marketing Ideas on Google +, I haven’t done much with them. ?The question is one of time and relevance. How much energy should I put into the community-building process there? At present, I’m not convinced the effort would be worth the time.

Google + is useful to me for one group of activities, the specialized network of AdSense help forum top contributors and colleagues. In this context, we live, breath and eat in the Google world (literally, as well as figuratively as sometimes we’re invited by Google to summits in northern California), so it make sense to use the company’s social media system for our internal communications. It works great — but the network size doesn’t extend outside the “Googlegeek” community, alas.

So, sure, I encourage you to sign up for a Google + account and maybe you’ll be able to make some interesting things happen — especially since the space isn’t overcrowded. For now, however, I’ll focus my non-Google business social media activities within LinkedIn and Facebook. That’s enough for me.

If you wish, here is the Construction Marketing Ideas Google + reference point.

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