Good Friday, memories

Tsjolotjo, Zimbabwe, the place where I unlocked morality mysteries on Good Friday, 1980
Tjholotsho, Zimbabwe, where I discovered myself on Good Friday, 1980

Although the date was different (April 4) the day — Good Friday, 1980 — remains seared in my memory. It was my coming-age-experience, a blinding flash of insight at age 26 in Rhodesia turning Zimbabwe. I realized then the confluence of moral, intellectual and experiential qualities that would define my life, though it took quite a few years to achieve true adult maturity. I was, to put it mildly, a late bloomer.

This old blog posting describes the experience and lessons learned in central Africa that continue to shape my life today. Although it is totally autobiographical, it may have relevance for you.

Do you have your own life-defining and changing experiences? Please feel free to share them here.


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