Globalization, technology and entrepreneurship: Peter Thiel’s perspectives


My continuing reading/exploration into the world of technology, entrepreneurship and politics has taken me into Peter Thiel’s world. Thiel, who brought down Gawker Media through the funding of the Hulk Hogan lawsuit, and broke with the technology community and supported Donald Trump’s campaign, has an off-the-wall non-conformist message for someone who has made a few billion through astute decisions in technology.

This video, which I’m currently watching, is based on his book, Zero To One (which I haven’t read yet). Notably, it doesn’t have many views yet.

When you start delving into the world Thiel occupies, you encounter many contradictions, odd alliances, and perspectives that test credibility and your conceptions about what is right, and what will happen.

I’ll admit that I haven’t been able to connect the dots yet — how can you apply the insights here with the practicalities of enhancing an architectural, engineering or construction business’s marketing models. Yet I know there are some truly important changes brewing in the way we live and do business, and it is important to delve into the problems and seek some answers, or we will be caught blindsided by the changes that are about to occur.

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