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There are intriguing similarities between Gerety Building & Restoration’s blog and the blog I reviewed just a few days ago for Custom Design & Construction — even though the two organizations are at opposite ends of the continent.

While Custom Design & Construction serves the Southern California market, Gerety focuses on?Westchester County, NY and Fairfield County, CT. Sensitivities, interests, and values may differ in the two markets, but they share in common the objective to serve clients with a message of quality and thoughtfulness.

Great consumer-oriented blogs work best when they are built on solid foundations; businesses where employees and contractors have a depth of experience, practical knowledge, and real-life references and documentation.

In this context, the process of generating and publishing the useful, reader-friendly becomes relatively straightforward, as the contractor has a wealth of images, stories and insights.

Take a look at some of Gerety’s recent topics.

In 2017 Kitchen Remodeling Trends ? What?s Cooking?, Keith Gererty reviews a diversity of themes and trends, while in another post: Can You Use Hardwood Flooring in a Bathroom takes a much more specific focus.

Whether or not wood will flourish depends on several key factors that you and your bathroom remodeling professional can discuss:

Where is it going in the bathroom?
What kind of wood is it?
Does it have the proper seal/finish?
Is it installed in a way that allows for natural expansion and contraction?
Is your bathroom properly ventilated?
What Kind of Wood Is Best for a Bathroom?
One option in particular floats to the top of the list because of its unique characteristics.


Naturally water-resistant and extremely dense, teak is a gorgeous, functional choice that will excel in your bathroom, no matter how steamy things get.

Yes, solid advice — but what about circumstances where wood wouldn’t be such a good idea?

How About the Look of Wood without the Concerns?

Maybe you agree with what we said above, but you?re still having trouble feeling comfortable with the idea of your toddler taking a bath over a hardwood floor.

We hear you.

Another option is one that we recommend to those who love hardwood but have pets with damaging claws. Porcelain tile flooring can be engineered to look almost exactly like your favorite varieties of wood, and with a massive spectrum of finishes mimicked as well. You really can enjoy the best of both worlds, pairing the natural warmth and character of wood with the moisture-resistant durability of tile. As an added benefit, you can use any cleaner you?d like, avoiding the need for special, gentler treatment.

Gerety’s blogging effectiveness reflects the business’s underlying success and values. It’s rather hard to cheat and write this sort of content without having the substance behind the story.

Of course, that reflects one of this blog’s primary purposes: Demonstrate knowledge, build trust, and?provide enough information that informed potential consumers can be comfortable in their decisions. With a narrative about knowledge and quality, price receeds into the background.

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