Frugal construction marketing: Your client experience


In yesterday?s posting, I quoted Geoff Graham (via Leo Thayer) that the three or four most important issues for renovation clients are scheduling, communication, problem resolution and job-site cleanliness. However, when you come right down to it, I expect these key priorities also apply for virtually everyone in this business, whether you are a sub trade, supplier, architect, engineer or general contractor focusing on fixed-bid public tenders.  Measurable improvements in any of these key areas will significantly improve your current client experience ? and that translates to the two best approaches to marketing:  increasing your repeat and referral business.

Our ongoing poll shows that most (74 per cent) of readers? new business arises from repeat and referral clients.  This is rather important data because the direct implication is that anything you do to improve and increase the volume of repeat and referral business will have disproportionately more value than any other form of marketing.

So be sure you have the basics right:  Manage your schedules with clarity and openness, build into your systems a quick and satisfactory problem resolution system, and keep your sites clean, perhaps using a daily checklist to ensure all is in order.

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