Four great marketing questions: Easier to say, harder to do (but there is another answer)

be yourself

be yourselfI enjoyed Bruce Johnson’s recent posting: ?The Four Questions Every Marketing Piece You Create Must Answer, because the questions seem so elegantly simple.

  1. Is this for me?
  2. Does this company get me?
  3. Is this a problem I want to solve today?
  4. Will I win in this transaction?

Of course, Johnson refers to the potential client as the “I” or “me”. But you are most likely ?much more interested in your own wants, needs, and problem-solving answers. It can be hard to switch from a self-centred focus to focusing on the “self-centre” of your current and potential clients because it goes against all our natural instincts and perceptions.

There are two solutions to this challenge. The first, is to simply force yourself to put yourself in the eyes, minds and spirit of your clients. The second may seem strange, but isn’t so odd when you think about it . . . redefine your business so that it aligns your and your clients’ perceptions and values. In other words, if the business isn’t right for you, then it needs to be changed to be “right for you” (or you need to find/hire/partner with others for whom it is right.)

Undoubtedly, with effort, we can change habits, perceptions, and even fundamental interests. But I think it is much harder to change our values and world-view. Great marketing, in my opinion, arises largely from consistency between who you are emotionally and spiritually and your clients’ interests. You can fight to change, but maybe you should fight more to be true to yourself. Then your marketing may well become truly naturally successful.

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