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A snapshot of the Google Trends site. You can specify by sector and nation to gain more relevant context

Social Media Today continues to publish worthy advice if you are looking to expand and enhance your social media presence. This eletter obviously covers topics that go beyond (and are often not terribly relevant) to the AEC community, yet much of the generic advice certainly can be applied in our areas and even if it isn’t directly relevant, can still provide food for thought.

Consider, for example, this article by?Annaliese Henwood: 5 Underrated Social Media Tasks to Complete Every Day.

Her first suggestion: ?Follow trending topics and when relevant, generate some appropriate content yourself to capture the trends:

Participating in trending topics, where?appropriate, can help?you get your brand in front of a larger audience. This is an effective strategy for brands who are trying to build their following or want to achieve brand awareness goals.

Facebook and Twitter offer an easy way to monitor trends on their platforms. Twitter gives you suggested hashtags, and Facebook provides topics, which gives you an easy way to participate in the conversation. Google Trends is another tool for finding conversations you can contribute to on social media.

Only participate in trends when they?re relevant and appropriate for your brand. If a trend is news-related, you could share your input creatively, but avoid controversial content. If a trend is more casual, only participate if the trend?s audience would be interested in your brand.

You can read her?other four suggestions here.

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