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I’ve rewritten the electronic edition of the 2009-2010 original Construction Marketing Ideas book. You can receive a free copy of the update if you purchased it earlier.

Within a few days, a new, updated version of the 2010-published Construction Marketing Ideas book will be ready, at least in the electronic format. The catalyst for the change: An automated notification from that my book had serious formatting errors and would need to be withdrawn from the marketplace. Of course, the question arises: If these errors didn’t magically appear, why now, after five years would they suddenly become important.

Nevertheless, the notification set into motion something that had been at the back of my mind for the past year — surely, the book must be getting dated in places. So I started reading through it, using the Sigil e-publishing editing tool to create a modern e-book, notably with hyperlinks, both internally and externally, to make things easier to read and use.

And, indeed, there were changes. Company names have been revised, books have gone out of print, and facts have gone beyond the references within the book’s text. I’m satisfied the book’s core message remains valid — notably the fundamentals of the ongoing poll on primary sources of business hasn’t changed very much in five years — repeat and referral business still command 72 per cent of the overall volume.

I’m hoping that the updated e-book publication can be translated into a PDF format, but we may need to wait a while to update the paperback book version (which still sells upwards of 20 to 30 copies a month). Production costs for this revision will be significantly higher, and I think it will be simplest (and fair) to offer readers of the printed version a free copy of the most recently updated electronic edition. If you’ve purchased the printed book and would like to have a free copy of the updated electronic version, please email me at and I will provide you with a link for the updated edition.

Meanwhile, I’ve got to get to work on another book — one of a series on topics of relevance to AEC marketing practitioners.

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