Faith, change and construction marketing: Can they correlate?

Park UB john cole

It can be dangerous to reach into religion in a secular business-focused blog. Yet, outside of the marketing and business development opportunities that are available within faith-based groups (churches, mosques, synagogues, Hindu temples and other places of worship can be great places- – in part because of the assertion of higher powers in them — ?for business-building among co-religionists) there are often underlying values and models within diverse faiths that can transcend into practical and truly earth-based solutions to big challenges and issues.

For example, Chris Hutchinson recently posted this Facebook note.

A few years ago our church did the “Daring to Dream Again: Overcoming Barriers That Hold You Back” 50-day spiritual adventure. Due to a discussion with a friend, I found the booklet we used and scanned a page to email him. We spoke about it?today and it caused me to look if the videos were on YouTube. I’m glad someone had some related weekly sermons… I’m encouraged to go through the booklet again the next 50 days.

He posted a video posted from pastor John Cole (I believe that name is correct, as he doesn’t make it easy to confirm his identity online) of the Park UB (United Brotherhood) Church in Blufton, IN. It’s a lengthy show and the direct relationship to construction is limited to the “under construction” roadblock signs he set as props, but there are merits in his concepts about change. The approach — take a 50-day challenge, and combine some spiritual and religious faith with psychological science to induce new, life-changing habits.

I gave up on the video before its completion; there’s too much New Testament stuff for a not terribly religious Jew to accept, but not before I observed how John Cole noted that, when you start a process of change, you will likely find things get worse and you will seem to be failing as you get started. He observed that you you need to persevere through the “dip” and that faith is a powerful way to do that.

This I could understand and relate to clearly, because it touched on the major transformation I experienced at age 38, when I decided (based on Brian Tracy motivational tapes and my own readiness) to accept total responsibility for my life, and not blame anyone else for my difficulties. As I worked through the challenging issues, things seemed to get worse and worse, but I carried on — and then broke through later both with a business recovery and the decision from the woman I had been friends with for almost 13 years to turn the relationship from platonic to intimate. We married about a year later, and will celebrate our 20th anniversary in a few weeks.

The idea that you can subsume yourself to G-d with habit-changing (and real-world valid) practices could be truly effective I think for any Christian, and I’m sure you can find correlations in your own faith (or if you wish to avoid any religion, just apply some psychological science to pull it off.)

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