Extending your blog to social media: An easy add-on

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Undoubtedly, social media has become increasingly important for architectural, engineering and construction marketing and there are a number of services/tools to help manage the process.

I’ve taken a lazy approach, not so much because the common approaches ?are ineffective, but because of time constraints. Curating third-party content and (if you have the resources/time) assigning dedicated staff or contractors to produce original material, can produce ideal results, but if you are to do things right, you need to be on the ball consistently.

Effective blogging, meanwhile, provides the essential core content for your website/s and enables more in-depth writing. And it is relatively easy to connect your blog to your relevant social media sites, using tools like Social Media Auto Publish. It’s a free plugin for wordpress.org sites which works quite well to link your blog/site content with Twitter and Facebook, and for a modest user fee, you can extend this to LinkedIn.

I’ve discovered the auto-posting for social media has been an effective extension for our regional construction news websites, especially when the stories relate to specific businesses and individuals, who then repost the link on their own social media accounts. The result: A significant traffic surge — and outside of the initial setup, there is no real work/effort required to maintain the system.

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