Extending our perceptions: The value of focus in marketing

Ottawa Renovates Spring 2014

OTTAWA_RENOVATES_SPR_2014_coverI observed yesterday that many marketing gurus advocate that initiatives, to succeed, should be client, rather than company-centric. This concept is simple to understand, but less-than-easy to implement, especially in circumstances where our own perceptions and values diverge from those of our potential markets.

Related to this point, of course, is the fact that most broad-brush marketing is wasted — there are real challenges in matching the audience with the message. The focus and ability to define and target marketing to more specific interests explains, in part, Google’s success, as you can set keywords to search terms that you know will be indicators of interest in your subject. It also, thankfully, explains how specialist media businesses such as our organization can thrive — we serve distinctive and?communities.

As an example, consider Ottawa Renovates, the magazine we produce in a joint venture.

This title obviously would only be relevant if you are in Ottawa and are interested in renovating your home. Now that market is highly focused on one level, but it is also big enough to support several dozen full-time contractors, hundreds of employees, and contribute to thousands of other businesses and services.

Clearly, there could be some reason and value for a renovation contractor in Ottawa to advertise in this publication and that explains why it has been viable for five years, with much repeat advertising.

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