Email business development: Some simple techniques

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Scott Britton

Last night and this morning, I spent about 100 minutes listening to a webinar by Scott Britton on “cold email mastery”. ?The concept: If you want to reach decision-makers in most industries, the best strategy is to research to find their email addresses, and then send them a short (but powerful) introductory email to set up a meeting for sales follow-up. The premise: You will reach the right person more quickly, with less intrusion and irritation, than virtually any other sales prospecting methods.

Undoubtedly there is value in this material — the webinar (described as a limited-time offer, so this link may go dead) has a bunch of actionable ideas and links to tools and resources such as Toutapp, Boomerang and

Britton certainly isn’t advocating spam. These are one-on-one emails designed for CEOs?and leaders of relevant businesses and organizations, generally hard-to-reach, but if you can find who has the pain and need for your services, will be likely to say “yes”.

Britton advocates:

  • Using LinkedIn effectively to track and trace relevant prospects;
  • Designing subject lines with a simple, truthful message that addresses the “pain” of your sales prospect, and suggesting how you can help (wording length can vary, but it must be consistent with the message); and
  • Keeping?the actual email short, perhaps three or four lines at most, introducing your solution and requesting a meeting.


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The webinar, of course, has been designed as an intro for Britton’s more comprehensive course. I’m not going to push it — clearly has marketed this to collect affiliate commissions, which appear to be in the range of about 50 per cent. (In other words, I discovered the same course elsewhere for $99.00, not $197.00. If you want that link, you can email me — of course I don’t get the affiliate commission that way.)

Still, you’ll discover some really useful stuff here.

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