Eight tips on how to make your construction blog more effective (and profitable)


Adams Hudson has published some tips for successful blogging. They are reasonably easy to observe/follow and will truly improve your blog’s effectiveness.

Here they are:

Write a strong headline.?In your ads, your headline represents 80 percent of your ad?s effectiveness. You can say the same for your blog. These are the words that compel the reader to stop and take notice. So spend time on them.

Write a strong introduction.?After the headline entices, your lead must grip the reader and make him/her want to know more.

Tell a story.?People like stories ? especially in preference to dry industry information. Capture your readers with a story about you, a situation or an analogy. A story helps maintain emotional involvement, which strengthens the connection.

Add a great image.?A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. Attractive images attract the reader?s eye, draw attention, reinforce points and break up the post ? making it less daunting to read.

Use subheads.?This is another tried-and-true technique for breaking up your post and making it easier for your readers to take in.

Edit, edit, edit.?Generally, shorter posts are preferred because life is busy, and we all experience information overload. The shorter you can explain your most compelling ideas, the better.

Add links.?Whenever you?ve referred to another site or source, or a previous post, why not add a link? By linking to other sites, they may link to yours ? gaining you traffic. And by linking to your own previous posts, your readers can see more and learn more of what you?d like them to know.

Use a call to action.?Instead of the usual marketing ?call now,? a call to action in the blog world is more like, ?What do you think? Leave a comment below.? Or: ?Be sure to download our free report and learn more.? Or: ?Share this link on Facebook.?

I’ll add my own call to action: Nominate your blog (or one you like) for the 2017 Best Construction Blog competition. There’s no entry fee, and I’ll review and hyperlink an independent article about all qualifying blogs. (The qualification rules primarily are to ensure that spam blogs — or splogs — don’t get into the system).

Here’s the link to the nomination/entry form.

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