Eight basic client service rules you need to follow every day for your business to thrive

michael stone
Michael Stone makes some compelling points.

Michael Stone reminds us of some simple, inexpensive and fundamental relationship-maintaining rules in his recent weekly eletter.

These are:

  • Return every phone call you get the same day or by 9 am the next day.
  • Show up for every appointment and on time.
  • Do exactly what you tell your customers you are going to do.
  • Send hand written thank you cards to those who’ve purchased from you or have helped you.
  • Keep in contact with all your old customers at least once each quarter.
  • Work on and build your referral network at every opportunity.
  • Hand out one business card each day to someone new.
  • Dress, speak and conduct yourself in a professional manner, always, in every setting. That includes online.

“Make every possession count,” he writes. “When asked why he thought that the Chicago Bulls basketball team was setting a record for total wins in one year, Michael Jordan said, ‘We make every possession count.'”

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to play by (and win by) these rules. Follow them.

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