East to west: A week away

msg ottawa senators
At Madison Square Gardens to watch the third game of the NHL divisional semi-finals. Unfortunately, the Ottawa Senators lost 4-1.

I’ve been travelling on vacation this week, combining Vancouver, Chicago and New York City in a quick transcontinental exploration.

The connection between this travel and my business is real — we publish New York Construction Report and Chicago Construction News. As we prepared to head to the airport this morning to fly to New York from Chicago, I hit “send” on this week’s Chicago eletter.

Yet, reflecting the circumstances of a family vacation — more accurately a father and son trip until today, when we reconnected with my wife — I kept the business dealings to a minimum, focusing on family visiting (in Vancouver) tourist attractions and sporting events in Chicago and New York. (Alas we picked losing games.) Staff in Canada handled most of the day-to-day responsibilities, as I managed using online resources to assemble the weekly eletters. (I just finished the North Carolina eletter a few minutes ago.)


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