Does your business/website have a blog? If not, you really should start one. Here’s why.

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I’ve been blogging about architectural, engineering and construction marketing longer than most people in this industry — for at least a decade — an continue to oversee the annual Best Construction Blog competition.

Participation in the competition is simple: There’s no fee and every entry (outside of blatant splogs, or spam-blogs) receive a free listing in The Construction Marketing Ideas blogs an resources directory. Even better, during the contest voting period, I’ll review your blog, providing additional valuable publicity and search engine optimization (SEO) opportunities.

Regardless of whether you enter your blog in the competition or not, the value of a good blog can be summarized in two phrases: Publicity/marketing control, and SEO. When you look at the numbers, the cost/benefit ratio is solid enough for a blog to be valuable for virtually every AEC business.

Publicity/marketing control

The blog allows you to publish your business news in real-time, and provides a great opportunity to share knowledge and insights (helping you to become known as the relevant product/service expert), introduce and provide positive recognition for your employees, and demonstrate your work quality — ideally with progress and completion images (videos) you can share.

You are in command here — outside of the time required, there’s no need to spend any money. (If you wish, you can contract with competent specialized freelance writers. This will certainly become a budget item, but will be much less expensive than any prolonged advertising campaigns.)

SEO (Search engine optimization)

Google loves good blogs. And the search engine even more loves blogs which are consistently updated, because it attaches a premium to recency.

If your blog keywords match your market interests and the needs of your potential clients, you’ll achieve valuable connections even if you aren’t at the top of the search engine rankings for every one of your products or services.

If you have a blog already, let me know and I’ll give you some additional publicity without any charge. If you don’t have one, now is the time to get started.

Here is where you can nominate/register your blog for the 2019 competition and receive your free construction blog directory listing.

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