Discovering the answers: Focus and clues

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finding contractors has generated 10 responses, five of whom will work for $10.00 an hour or less. Meanwhile, my revised posting has received four applications, at $100 each flat fee.

Yesterday, I reported on my unresolved challenge of discovering an effective email newsletter template solution. It happens. By the end of the day, the various initiatives to solve the problem had revealed tantalizing clues. Not the final answer, yet, but at least progress.

  1. Google searches led to some commercial template building models, priced (at least on the surface) reasonably. The big question: Will any of these work with the RSS feed/ model? One template builder responded to my email inquiry with an honest “I don’t know” answer — and offered to send me a free sample to run a test. Excellent responsiveness on his part.
  2. Another commercially available template builder (which ranks highly on Google searches) offered a free download. I played around with it for a few hours and liked the interface and flexibility. But the documentation makes no mention of RSS feeds, and there are user ratings/comments indicating very poor and unresponsive technical support. However, the software costs $50.00 as a one-time fee. Hardly enough to worry about if it turns out poorly. I won’t be bankrupt.
  3. Posting for support people online started netting inquiries; several willing to work for $5.00 an hour or less. How good they are, I don’t know, but at least I have some candidates to consider.
  4. Of course, the final answer may come from a combination of sources; maybe the template?builder who responded with the offer of a free sample will be the right one; maybe the $50 system will work well and create a permanent, viable solution, or I might find a contractor to lead the way and help solve the problem for well less than $100.00 total. ?I now need to sift through the various options, test and evaluate and consider the risk of things not quite working with one answer, but quite effectively with another.

The good news is there are enough pieces to the puzzle in front of me to believe a solution is in hand. Sometimes, as noted yesterday, persistence and focus provide the essential clues to crucial business problem solving. Hopefully, by day’s end I will have a functional solution; and within a week, one that truly provides the long-term answers.

You may find a similar problem-solving approach helps address your business challenges.

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